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July 3, 2018
June 26, 2018

Thailand is the only country in the world that confers Royal Decorations to 3 advocates who had helped Thailand in tobacco control efforts – richly deserved inter 3 country and international honer

  • 21 January 1998 – Dr. Hatai Chitanondh, President of Thailand Health Promotion Institute (THPI), sent e-mails to Dr. Judith Mackay, Dr. Gregory Connolly and Dr. David Yen informing them that because of their remarkable tobacco control contributions to Thailand an attempt would be made to acquire royal decorations for them. They were asked to send their C.V. and a summary of the works they had done to help Thailand in tobacco control.

  • 27January1998 - Connolly faxed to Dr. Chitanondh , expressing thanks and forwarded information.

  • 27January1998 - Connolly faxed his CV. To Dr. Chitanondh

  • 2 February 1998 - David Yen sent a facsimile to Dr. Chitanondh

  • 3 February 1998 - Chitanondh e-mailed Dr. Connolly

  • 4 February 1998 - Mackay e-mailed Dr. Chitanondh , proposing a framework for writing proposal

  • 9 February 1998 - Chitanondh e-mailed Dr. Connolly , requesting additional information for drafting the proposal

  • March 1998 – All three sent their CVs and activities. They were translated into Thai by the THPI president.

  • April 1998 – The THPI president paid a call on the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, asking him to support the process of acquiring royal decorations for 3 international advocates who helped Thailand in various activities of tobacco control. The Minister agreed to support the case.

  • 28 April 1998 – The THPI president sent a letter, along with the C.V. and records of the 3 advocates, to the Foreign Affairs Minister for use in the request for the royal decoration.

  • 22 May 1998 – The Director-General of the Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) sent a letter to the THPI President asking to proceed the matter through the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH). The Department would work further after receiving the matter from the MOPH. The THPI requested the MOPH to proceed further.

  • 8 February 1999 – The MOPH permanent secretary sent a letter to the MOFA permanent secretary, along with the CVs, asking him to proceed the procedure of requesting royal decorations for the three moninees.

  • 22 February 1999 – The THPI president sent a letter to the Director-General of the MOFA’s Protocol Department asking him to proceed further the MOPH’ proposal.

  • 25 June 1999 – The THPI president sent a personal letter to the minister the MOFA asking for support since the matter had been sent to the Ministry for 4 months and no progress had been made.

  • 30 June 1999 – Ms. Pornpimol Kularaj, the THPI administrative officer, sent a fax to Ms. Panchari Pengcharoen, an official of the MOFA’s Protocol Department, informing her of the position of Dr. Gregory Connolly.

  • 30 June 1999 – The THPI president sent a fax to Dr. Yen asking him to send evidence of his citizenship of Taiwan since the MOFA found, from his C.V., that he was born in Shanghai.

  • 2 July 1999 – Dr. Yen sent a fax of photocopies of his house registration in Taipei and his passport to reaffirm his Taiwanese nationality.

  • 2 July 1999 The MOPH sent a letter to the MOFA asserting Dr. Yen’s Taiwaness nationality