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July 18, 2018

Nicogel are not allowed to be imported

          News from News & Information Monitoring Initiative of the GLOBALink which was presented on May 13, 2009 for Dr. Hatai was a very interesting news. It disclosed that the newspaper Business Time headlined that Dermtuk made a goal of sale of an alternative cigarette in Asia.


The news informed that the company Dermtek Sdn Bhd got the right to produce Nicogel for Asia by setting the production base in Malaysia. Director of Dermtek Mr. Alastair Campbell told the newspaper Business Time in Kuala Lumpur recently that the company had a plan to send this product to be sold in 11 countries before the end of the year 2009. The target countries were Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, India, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, and Vietnam. We will establish importers in these countries Gel will be brought from England to be put in boxes at the company’s factory located at Shah Alarm


Mr. Campbell said he had a high hope for the market in Malaysia. Another company’s officer Mr. Cariff Ridzwan said that the company was already sold 200,000 packages in Malaysia. These were sold in more than 400 retailers, convenience stores, and drug stores. The company will increase these retailers to 1,000 at the end of the year.

Nicogels are used by rubbing on skin. It will be absorbed into the body within 30 seconds. Mr. Campbell said merely rubbing this gel on the skin the craving for cigarette will disappear within 1 minute. The best thing is that the effect wil last for several hour[1]

[1] Goh Thean Eu. Dermtek aims to light up sales for cigarette alternative in Asia. Business Times May 13, 2009.


Nicogel are not allowed to be imported