Thailand Tobacco Control

The National Health Foundation (NHF) established Thailand Health Promotion Institute (THPI) on 28 December 1994. Dr. Hatai Chitanondh has been the president of THPI since its birth. Most of the works done by THPI have been tobacco control of the country.


Dr. Hatai Chitanondh


  • Dr. Hatai Chitanondh

    graduated from Siriraj School of Medicine, Bangkok and Graduate School of Medicne, University of Pennsylvania. His medical specialty was stereotaxic neurosurgery, which he practiced until assuming administrative career which ended as a deputy undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Health.
  • Dr. Chitanondh was selected by the Ministry to represent Thailand

    to all meetings to establish the FCTC and later was elected President of the Third Session of The Parties of the FCTC (2007-2008).
  • Besides the dignity of being a leading

    figure in the world tobacco control he is one of the world’s leading advocates having won the coveted Luther Terry medal. His experience straddles 28 years of activitism as can be discovered in the document researches presented in this website.